What material are the corsets/ other styling products made of?

Almost all of my products are made from thermoplastics. It’s a very sturdy, but bendable material (kind of plastic). Unlike real porcelain, which would break on bending or falling, thermoplastics ensure a durable product

For how long can I wear these kind of corsets?

The corsets are sturdy yet bendable. They are mostly used in photoshoots or videoclips for a short amount of time. Not unlike wearing high heels, the product could become somewhat uncomfortable after wearing it for extended time periods.

How long does shipping take?

I’m located in the Netherlands. Shipping to surrounding countries like Belgium and Germany takes about 2 days (no need for DHL express shipping). Other countries in the EU can take about 1.5 week (postNL) and 1-2 days (DHL express). Outside of the EU takes 3 weeks (postNL) and 1 week with DHL express shipping. It might take longer or shorter depending on the COVID-19 situation and customs. This is totally out of my control.

How long does an item take to make?

I try to make as much items ready to send, but some of the products are still made to order. Small adjustments can be made, you can leave your preferences in the comments. Depending on how busy I am, a custom product could take up to 2 months before shipping. Keep that in mind when ordering it for an event with a deadline.

How do I maintain my product?

Always keep the products away from direct sunlight and freezing temperatures when storing, because it affects the resins.
You can clean the product with a damp cloth ( no cleaning products), but do not rub as it can take the paint off.

How does the back of a corset look?

The back closes with D rings. For full corsets I use 6 D rings (waspies 4). Like a normal corset, they are to be closed by tightening a rope.  The corsets go completely around the waist because they’re bendable. The full corsets also come with 2 detachable bra straps. Which consist of chain as decoration and part sturdy lingerie elastic for comfort.