Heart skull chestpiece


Sold out!

Sold out!


Heart skull chestpiece

One of a kind, handmade headpiece.
Medium weight, could be worn for a few hours.
Inspired by valentine I sculpted the (real) skull with heart shaped antlers and laid it with red rhinestones, mostly normal ones and 20% swarovski. It has a deep, blood red color and it has an ombre to the off white color of the chestpiece All hand laid with opal colored swarovki rhinestones and hand sewn beading and pearls. I hand sculpted and painted the heart in the centre and it’s covered with a layer of resin with blood drips, so it’s not breakable. There’s a lot of hand beaded sturdy strands hanging from the shoulder parts, finished with crystals.
It closes at the back with 2 sturdy chains and 2 chains that go underneath the armpits so it will stay in place!

This is not a vegan product!

Important info:

Please note that due to the corona virus shipping could be a little delayed
You can’t return items in my shop, but please contact me know if there are any issues with your order.
I’ll ship this item with insurance.

If you have any further questions, please send me a message

Model: Mandy


Back story:

Vinegar valentine used to be her name, but when people started mistakenly started calling her penny dreadful she actually liked it and just kinda stuck with it.
She wasn’t as famous as her brother, who made al these al the tiny creatures fond of each other, but was as important.
The stupid idiot would sometimes get too enthusiastic and start shooting arrows in random directions, disturbing the natural order.
Love is important, but so is finding true love and not just some random idiot.
True love takes time, practice, multiple tries and this also involves getting rejected.
People didn’t like her as much, but Penny liked herself, and knew that without her. Love would be meaningless.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm

Thermoplastic, glass beading, acrylic beading, pearls, lace, skull (real), crystals

Size (EU)

one size


blood red/ white


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