Stained glass waspie


Sold out!

Sold out!


Stained glass waspie

Stained glass waspie, ready to send! this is not a custom item so check the sizing carefully
This corset belt is unisex!
this one closes to 67cm
It is suitable for waist sizes 70-80 CM So it’s a S/M size
not suitable for waists smaller than 67 cm as you can’t tighten it correctly.

This is a beautifully corset that I sculpt by hand.
The base is super sturdy and fits a lot of sizes because it’s bendable!
It’s not real stained glass but actually a bendable plastic,  so no glass shatters.

I finish the corsets with gold leaf and red Swarovski rhinestones. The back closes with a big rope.
The beads are high quality brass, glass and real gemstone beads.

Important info:

Please note that due to the corona virus the shipping could be a little delayed
You can’t return items in my shop, but please contact me know if there are any issues with your order.
I’ll ship once a week and this item with insurance.

If you have any further questions, please send me a message


Photography: Sanne van Bergenhenegouwen
Model: Bas Frishert


Back story:

King midas

Ten Of Swords

As his touch once again turned an apple to this devilish golden color The shiny material he once used to adore, now felt like a heavy weight dragging his ankles to the ocean depths. Midas wasn’t gasping for air though, no there was air all around him..inside him.

Air in his stomach, where there should have been food. Air in his heart, an empty void where his daughter should have been. All that was left, where piles of golden fruit, vegetables and his shiny memory of her..

At first, his golden touch seemed to fix everything what was broken in his kingdom. He could feed his people and pay for wars, but as time passed and not only everything but alsof everyone turned to gold. His kingdom was at the edge once more, he had only postponed what was already come.

As he couldn’t find Dionysus to take away his power, he had even tried to take his own life, but to no avail. Every sword trying to cut his skin quickly turned to gold and melted …merged with the same skin that changed everything to this damned metal.

If only he could find Silenus

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm

brown, gold, red


Thermoplastic, Apoxy


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