Voodoo / witch doctor mask


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Voodoo/ Witch doctor mask

This voodoo/ witch doctor mask is 100% handmade and one of a kind item.
Completely handmade, from creating a sculpture to finishing painting.
The top part of the mask has some real crystals, but most are molded because of the weight.
As you can see the eyes are black so it really gives a skull vibe.
You can still see through, because it’s a mesh fabric, but of course you won’t see as good as without.
The picture doesn’t really do the paint job justice, I hand painted the mask with a duochrome finish that shifts from blue to pink, purple to green.

I placed some felt on the inside, so it’s comfortable wear and the back has adjustable bands for a great fit.
!!The mask is made for a female head size!!

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Photography: Sanne van Bergenhenegouwen

Back story:

You can always hear her coming. No, not by the sound of her breathing or the sounds of footsteps down your hallway.
The only thing you can hear is the clacking noise of crystals hitting each other with each step she takes.
It would almost remind one of a skeleton crawling out of its grave as its bones would rub against each other.
She had been there since the start of civilization in ancient Mesopotamia, and was one of the oldest demons.
Lamashtu was also better known as the “seven witches.”
She was the personification of evil: disturbed sleep and brought forth nightmares; ruined the crops and infested the rivers and streams; bound the muscles of men and brought disease and sickness wherever she would go.
Don’t fear the new gods… fear the ancient ones, as they have brought forth wars and plagues.
be wary for the clicking noise of crystals outside your bedroom, as you might be in the presence of one of the oldest profane deities

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm
Size (EU)

Female head size


Off White / blue


Thermoplastic, Apoxy, crystals, beads


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