red flower makeup and mask by candy makeup artist


Would you like to have my undivided attention and help, while creating a headdress yourself with the assurance of finishing the headdress? From now on I will also be available for private workshops, where I will teach you everything one on one, e.g. “How to build up a headdress? What materials can be used best and how should you handle them?” and a lot of other tips and tricks which can also be applied to a whole lot of other creative activities. After I’ll have explained the basics, we will both be crafting our pieces and I will help you where needed. The workshop will be located in Bussum, date is to be discussed and it is up to you how many hours you would like to spend on the headdress.


Startup Fee: €279,95
Additional cost per hour: €90

All basic materials are included into the price, with which it is possible to create a fully completed and beautiful headdress. If, however you would like to finish it with beads, flowers, feathers or skulls, then these can always be bought from me. Bringing your own supplies is off course always allowed.

Please fill in the information bellow and I will contact you !